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unplugged marries wellness and safe spaces. With uniquely designed technology and curated media content, our interactive experiences Balance You.


time to unplug

Feeling stuck, unmotivated? Unplug with one of our member access passes. Meetup at one of our innovation sites or events to share with like minded individuals.


unplugged studio

unplugged studios are designed to inspire you. Ideal for product, tech, artist, and media-based projects, unplugged studios is where we get it done. Schedule a session.

unplugged interactive

unplugged interactive integrates events, work spaces, data, files, and teams. From workshop series to user dashboards, we connect you to the latest in tools and technology.


unplugged retreats

unplugged retreats are designed for talent, industry professionals, innovators and leaders. Focused on recovery and rejuvenation, unplugged retreats provides the perfect reset.

Starting at $25

unplugged access pass

Hosted at unplugged sites, attend exclusive events curated for talent, startups, innovators, and leaders. unplugged with us to reset and recharge ideas, projects, and products.

Starting at $50 per month

unplugged memberships

Become a member and join our community of specialists. Connected to meetup events and innovation sites, members are given interactive experiences in tech-enabled spaces.


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Come to our events for networking and inspiration.


2121 West 16th Street, Little Rock, AR 72202

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Constantly posting, Snapchatting, and Tik Toking every move you make. Join us as we u


Pickens, MS

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This year’s Unplugged Artist Retreat will be held from April 8-11, 2024 in Pick


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We're not just for individuals and startups, reach out and ask us about our team memberships.


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