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Opulence Investments

Opulence views its primary mission as celebrating and promoting health and wellness, family and community, tech and media, and innovation and leadership projects, products, and services. An extension of Balanced Technologies, LLC, Opulence Investments is designed to introduce and accelerate such project, product, production, and promotional activities.

unplugged centers

unplugged centers connect you to wellness and innovation sites. Held in our unplugged member markets of Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, and the DMV, these interactive spaces are designed to reset, recharge, and restore.

The I's Have It

An innovators and leaders development series, Opulence investments and its partners produce annual event series designed to "prep", educate, and expose participants to solutions, products, accelerators, and content series.

All Things Balanced

All product users and event participants receive assessments and strategies to track and monitor progress. With extensive industry experience, All Things Balanced provides a wholistic view on personal, professional, and product goals.

Naturally Yours

Naturally Yours is the exclusive unplugged product and service brand. Built on the principles of "green", clean, and socially conscious, Naturally Yours products and services provide the best in balanced living.

Why unplugged

unplugged is an online marketplace featuring telehealth practices, co-working spaces, short-term stays, and sites focused on recovery, refresh, rejuvenation, and retreat activities. With uniquely design, technology and curated media content, we connect you to stress free environments.

The Market 

Top 5 Performing Customer Segmentations
    1. $955B in Personal Care & Beauty
    2. $956B in Healthy Eating, Nutrition & Weight Loss
    3. $738B in Physical Activity
    4. $436B in Wellness Tourism
    5. $413B in Traditional & Complementary Medicine


unplugged event schedule

Unplug, reset, and recharge to remain balanced.

10:00 am - 10:00 pm


09:00 AM - 09:00 PM

2121 West 16th Street, Little Rock, AR 72202


For every modern coworking or office space website out there. This is Unplugged.


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