Getting Back to Basics

Getting Back to Basics

Go through a development experience to connect you with indigenous technologies and wisdoms.

Designed to teach participants how to navigate life, this event series includes a telehealth professionals, BalancedU Profile, one-on-one support, and a curated content series which introductions participants to the foundational pillars of being Balanced.

Getting Back to Basics Event Schedule
  • February 12:      Registration Opens
  • February 26:      Media Playlist Release & Review
  • March 1:             Registration Ends
  • March 4:             Introduction to The Dagara Medicine Wheel
  • March 11:           Introduction to The Tree of Life Mediation System
  • March 18:           Introduction to Numerology
  • March 25:           Introduction to Yoga
  • March 26:           Introduction to Oracles
Educational Tools
  • Unplugged Recommended Readings
  • BalancedU Profile
  • Curated Musical Playlist
  • Curated Media Series

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