Summer Prep Session II: Innovators & Leadership Series

Summer Prep Session II: Innovators & Leadership Series

Now in its fifth year, Summer Prep is a Unplugged Interactive Innovators and Leadership Camp.

Summer Prep provides dedicated mentors, preparatory classes, and talent development intensives at campuses, colleges, universities, and unplugged collaboration sites. Summer Prep marries iServeWEServe Giving Projects ( and industry experts to host and facilitate train-the-trainer experience for students, mentors, mentees, and event participants.

Summer Prep Session II Event Schedule
  • iServeWEServe Giving Marketing & Media Days
  • Summer Prep Session II Camps and Coursework
  • Mentor Mentee Meetup(s) & Matching
  • RealTalk! Speaking Series
  • Unplugged Studio Session(s)
  • Pickens Arts, Blues, and Community Festival
  • BlackSWTTXST Black Alumni Weekend

Event details:


For every modern coworking or office space website out there. This is Unplugged.


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