Summer Prep Accelerator 2024

Summer Prep Accelerator 2024

Now in its fifth year, Summer Prep is a Unplugged Interactive Innovators and Leadership Camp.

Summer Prep Accelerator is a thirty (30) day Project and Product Development Accelerator, Artist Showcase and Capital Campaign event. Used to accelerate and scale project and product development efforts for new, transitioning, and diverse talent, teams, and communities, the focus is getting it done. Immediately support iServeWeServe Giving projects and bootstrapped products globally innovated by new, transitioning, and diverse talent and teams.

Summer Prep Accelerator 2024 Event Schedule
  • iServeWEServe Giving Project Meetups
  • Industry-Based Literacy and Learning Intensives
  • Project-based Literacy and Learning Intensives
  • Tech Literacy and Learning Intensives
  • Artist Literacy and Learning Intensives
  • Griot Literacy and Learning Intensives
  • Community Celebration & Expo

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For every modern coworking or office space website out there. This is Unplugged.


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